By S. Khuda Bakhsh

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150,289. Their hatred of the Prophet, p. 291. was concluded Roman Empire, Vol in 628. If, p. 272. Krehl, p. 310. MOHAMED 3;} of his community in the judgment of later histo" riansit was merely a sense of the " duty of protection that opinion the Prophet to this venture. But the real reasons are unascertained to this day. Probably there were economic reasons outside the scope of the Prophet's plan ; for it is strange that he did not accompany this he campaign in led ; fact, predicted The Muslim army met the better trained and better equipped Roman army at Muta, on the Dead Sea, and, after three days of alternating success, was beaten back.

Dition to the import of these articles which were distributed to all parts of Arabia, there was a heavy inland trade in native South Arabia supplied superfine leather and valuable goods. materials for dress. North Arabia supplied corn and wea- At Al-Hira flourished a saddle industry. But how was pons. trade possible amidst plunder and feud ? And, how, again, in view of the territorial peculiarity of Arabia, where between cultivated lands the desert intervened making intercourse diffiand ? cult, Against the perils of insecurity well-nigh impossible the Arabs from time immemorial sought and found a mncdy in the introduction of a holy truce.

True had tribal chiefs, and to these chiefs they even showed regard and respect, but no chief had the right to command, and no one the duly to^obey. These Wre the two To obviate them no one had striking defects of the Arab. hitherto dreamed or striven. Apart from these defects, they were yet a primitive but not an unimpressionable people. The buildings of Mekka including the town-hall and tlx* Kaba did not show any great skill or experience in architecture, and when we hear of Mohamed cleaning the Kaba of idols and removing the image of a pigeon, our illusion vanishes on being told that the image was the image made out of palm rind.

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