By John Arden

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ISBN-13: 9780071826549

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A mind technological know-how professional supplies child boomers the perception and brain-improvement workouts for protecting strength, concentration, and happiness good into previous age.

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I went on to describe how important the left prefrontal cortex is to taking action. In contrast, the right prefrontal cortex is involved in withdrawal behaviors such as retreating from activities. In other words, withdrawing from friends activates negative feelings. Also, a number of areas in the brain are associated with the social brain networks that are starved in the absence of social contact. Since we are perhaps the most social of all species, these social brain networks need to be continually activated for mental health and brain longevity.

Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Your mind/brain has an executive officer that decides what to learn and how to direct your energy. Sharpening your brain to promote its long-term health requires that you apply the skills of this CEO. It provides you with the capacity for the sustained attention, willpower, and mood stability that you need to maintain your motivation to sharpen your brain. Activating Your Brain’s Brain Humans are ruled far less by instincts than are other species because of our much larger frontal lobes.

Instead of feeling like her life was winding down, she began to feel that there was a kind of Renaissance occurring. She began to think more wisely and feel that her moods were more balanced. In contrast to overreacting to stress and the demands of life, she began to take things in stride. She was pleasantly surprised that at the beginning of her senior years, she became more focused, engaged, and satisfied with her life. To reap the benefits of this period and build on them, she had to break old habits and firmly establish brain-sharpening habits.

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