By M. Jessop Price

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Soundex improvements Many of you have heard of the Soundex System — especially if you’ve worked with the United States census in the past, or you live in a state that uses the Soundex as part of your driver’s license number, or you’re just a nut for indexing systems. However, you might not realize that there’s more than one Soundex System. The American Soundex, which is the one used for the United States census and the one most widely recognized, is not the only one, nor was it the first system developed.

Cartes-de-visite: Cartes-de-visite were small paper prints mounted on a card. They were often bound together into a photo album. They were produced between 1858 and 1891. ߜ Cabinet cards: Cabinet cards were larger versions of cartes-de-visite. They sometimes included dates on the borders of the cards. The pictures themselves were usually mounted on cardboard. They were manufactured primarily between 1865 and 1906. ߜ Albumen prints: These were produced on thin pieces of paper that were coated with albumen and silver nitrate.

Where? ߜ Have any items (stories, traditions, or physical items) been handed down through several generations of the family? ߜ When were your children born? Do you have any stories about their births? ߜ When did you leave home? Where did you live? ߜ Did you join the military? If so, what branch of service were you in? What units were you a part of? Did you serve overseas? ߜ What occupations have you had? Did you have any special training? ߜ How did you meet your spouse? ߜ Do you know who in the family originally immigrated to this country?

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The Coinage in the Name of Alexander the Great and Philip Arrhidaeus. by M. Jessop Price

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