By Steve Mitchell

ISBN-10: 0553804782

ISBN-13: 9780553804782

The snigger sensation that swept the kingdom, How to talk Southern and More tips on how to communicate Southern, is now accrued in a single complete–and thoroughly hilarious–volume. Embraced through Southerners in every single place and devoted to all Yankees within the desire that it'll educate them to speak correct, this uproarious booklet decodes “Suthun” wit and knowledge for “Nawthun” upstarts in every single place. From “aig” (a breakfast nutrients which may be fried, scrambled, boiled, or poached) to “zackly” (as in “precisely”), here’s only a sampling of what you’ll locate inside:

ATTAIR: Contraction used to point the explicit merchandise wanted. “Pass me attair gravy, please.”
EVERWHICHAWAYS: To be scattered in all instructions. “You must have been there while the teach hit that poultry truck. Them chickens flew everwhichaways.”
YONTNY: do you need any. “Yontny extra corn bread?”

Funny in addition to informative, this laugh-out-loud dictionary will hold you guffawing and learning–no topic the place you fall at the Mason-Dixon Line!

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Nope. " Sebmty: A ripe old age-seven decades, to be exact. " Shalot: The biggest city in Nawth Calina. " Sebmup: Soft drink similar to ginger ale. " Share: To cleanse oneself with water. " 78 79 ShaWl: The opposite of long. " Shovelay: A General Motors car. " Show: Cerrainly. " Shudenoughta: Should nor. " Shuhmun: The Yankee general, William Tecumseh, who said "War is hale" and proved it. " Slip off: To absent oneself, usually by stealth. "Where'd rhat boy slip off to? He was right here a Shurf: A counry's chief law enforcemenr officer.

Desritute. " 2. Inferior or second-rate. ''A pore excuse is better than none. " Pot likker: The rich liquid left in the pot after the greens have been cooked for several hours. May be 68 69 drunk or sopped up with biscuits. " Prolly: Likely to. " Pup: What they turn trees into to make papuh. " Pupwood: A soft wood used in the manufacture of papuh. " Q Quar: An organized choral group, usually connected with a church or school. "Did you hear the news? " Purriest: The most pretty. ''Ain't she the puniest thing Quare: Strange, peculiar.

Vampar: A fearsome creature that sleeps in a coffin and lives on human blood. " Uhmewzin: Funny, comical. ' " Vaymuch: Not a whole lot, when expressed in the negative. " VtEENer: Small canned sausages. " Uhmuckin: Someone who lives in the United States of Uhmutka. " Unbeknownst: Lacking knowledge of. " Unnuther: One mote. " Usta: Used to. " 92 93 War: Metal strands attached to fence posts or that carry power over long distances. " Warsh: To cleanse one's body or dishes, often with the w Wahn: What Jesus turned the water into, unless you're a Babdisr who is persuaded it was only grape juice.

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