By Hardy Haberman

ISBN-10: 1890159344

ISBN-13: 9781890159344

At the same time robust and weak, the male genitals supply boundless percentages for painful pleasures. From anatomy to psychology to descriptions of exact play situations, here is a wealth of knowledge and concepts for any individual who desires to supply extra excitement and depth to the kinfolk jewels! "Finally, one among my favourite different types of play is getting the targeted, loving awareness it merits! kinfolk Jewels is the appropriate source for the Domme who desires to torment her helpless guysub or the cruel most sensible who desires to recognize precisely how one can make a man writhe in anguish and ecstasy. Male submissives and bottoms will squirm as they learn. the information are so scrumptious, so outrageous, and clearly lots fun!" - Mistress Lorelei, writer, The Mistress guide

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Sometimes it may mean that you can take more than you ever dreamed possible. If you can be in the moment with your body as you play, you will know what's right for you. The technique of hanging weights from someone's genitals is both simple and requires practice and attention. There are two basic principles. The first is start light and work your way up. It is always possible to add more weight if it is desired. " The mood will be broken, and the scene will basically be over before it has much of a chance to begin.

What should be different? - Ask about how different things feel: if, for instance, you are squeezing someone's balls, ask how it feels if you squeeze them in different ways and with differing degrees and directions of force. Sometimes differences that seem subtle to you can feel major to someone else. -Whenever you are hitting or flogging someone's cock or balls, hold the bottom's genitals in your hand and make sure you hit your hand as well as you strike the bottom's body. This will give you a good indication of how hard you are hitting.

This is a potential liability with parachutes, and one of the reasons that twitches are a better choice if you want to hang weights from someone's scrotum (or your own). Weights for cock and ball play are a matter of personal taste - and endurance! Before I say anything else about using weights, let me just say}his cock and ball play, like BDSM generally, is not a competition. Doing more, heavier weights doesn't make you better than the next guy, it just increases the chances that you're going to hurt yourself The body will tell you what it can take and what it wants, if you let it.

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