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Republication of Arthur Jefferys vital examine, The international Vocabulary of the Qurn, deals a brand new new release of students and scholars entry to this foundational textual content. prepared in Arabic alphabetical order, Jefferys compendium of philological scholarship is still an vital instrument for any critical learn of Qurnic semantics.

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9; Nicholson, Literary History, 104. 4 Ibn Hishām, 144; and see Caetani, Annali, i, p. 190. 5 Thus there is reason to believe that the Ar. is from ἐφόλκιον; cf. Vollers in ZDMG, li, 300, 325. 6 In C. Müller, Geogr. Graec. , i, 271. 2 ̧̞̙ 18 introduction with the Ghassānid confederacy. Epigraphical remains collected by de Vogüé1 and others, show many bi-lingual inscriptions from N. —It is somewhat difficult at times to decide what the ː̻˰̰ǿ̶̤Ǫ ː̤̥̏Ǫ philologers meant by . 4 Thus in the famous passage, Jer.

The Ὁμηρῖται of Haer, lxvi, 83. e. the Ἁξωμῖται of Haer, lxvi, 83. Hist. , ii, § 24. Hist. , i, § 19. See also Philostorgius, ii, 6. See Yule’s Marco Polo (ed. , and Nöldeke, Sasaniden, 222 n. introduction 19 This S. Arabian language, or language group, as revealed to us from the inscriptions of the Minaean, Sabaean, Himyaritic, and other kingdoms, belongs to the S. Semitic group, and is closely related to Ethiopic, the classical language of Abyssinia. d. 550, and the language would seem to have been supplanted by Arabic as a spoken language in those regions,1 even before the time of Muhˀammad, though the survival to the present day of the Mahri and Soqotˀri2 dialects would seem to indicate that in odd corners this old language might have survived until quite a late period.

3 Vide Blau, “Die Wanderung der sabäischen Völkerstämme,” ZDMG, xxii (1868), p. 654 ff. 4 This fact has been forgotten by Tˀ aha Hˀ usein in his essay on the pre-Islamic poetry, where he argues against the genuineness of some of the old poetry on the ground that while the poet was of a South Arabian tribe his language is North Arabic, and not one of the South Arabian dialects. 5 Cf. the list in as-Suyūtˀī, Mutaw, 51, 52. 6 For the purposes of this Essay, Syriac = Christian Aramaic, and thus includes the Christian-Palestinian dialect and the Aramaic dialect of the Christian population of N.

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