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William of Occam's Razor. . 302 „ IV. A. R. Wallace on Matter . 393 ,, V. On the Reversibility of Natural Processes . . — The Need of the Present WITHIN the past forty years so revolutionary a change has taken place in our appreciation of the essential facts in the growth of human society, that it has become necessary not only to rewrite history, but to profoundly modify our theory of life and gradually, but none the less certainly, to adapt our conduct to the novel theory. The insight which the investigations of Darwin, seconded by the suggestive but far less permanent work of Spencer, have given us into the development of both individual and social life, has compelled us to remodel our historical ideas and is slowly widening and consolidating our moral standards.

The Velocity Diagram or Hodograph. Acceleration . 246 13. Acceleration as a Spurt and a Shunt .... 249 14. Curvature . . . 251 15. The Relation between Curvature and Normal Acceleration . 255 16. Fundamental Propositions in the Geometry of Motion . 258 17. The Relativity of Motion. Its Synthesis from Simple Components 260 Summary ....... 264 Literature ....... 265 CHAPTER VIII MATTER 1. " All things move "—but only in Conception . . 266 2. The Three Problems ...... 269 3. How the Physicists define Matter .

Shadow and Reality . . . 69 15. Individuality ..... 71 16. The Futility of " Things-in-themselves " . . 72 17. The Term Knowledge meaningless if applied to Unthinkable Things . 74 Summary and Literature . . -75 CHAPTER III THE SCIENTIFIC LAW 1. Resume and Foreword .... 77 2. Of the Word Law and its Meanings . . 79 3. Natural Law relative to Man . . 82 4. Man as the Maker of Natural Law . . 85 5. The Two Senses of the Words " Natural Law " . -87 6. Confusion between the Two Senses of Natural Law .

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