By M. V. McDonald, W. Montgomery Watt

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The contents of this quantity are tremendous major: the categorical occasions during this earliest interval set precedents for what later grew to become demonstrated Islamic perform. The publication bargains with the background of the Islamic neighborhood at Medina through the first 4 years of the Islamic period--a time of serious improtance for Islam, either as a faith and as a political neighborhood. the most occasions stated by means of Tabari are the battles among Muhammad's supporters in Medina and their adversaries in Mecca. Tabari additionally describes the rivalries and infighting between Muhammad's early supporters, together with their early kin with the Jewish group in Medina.

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45• At this period the mawla or "client" was usually a slave, probably one captured in warfare, who had been set free . A man could also become a mawla by exchanging oaths with a "patron" also mawla). Later a non-Arab convert to Islam was attached to an Arab tribe as a mawla. See I. Goldziher, Muslim Studies, ed. 101-4. (1275) 20 The Foundation of the Community Questions After the Return to Medina Some of the family of 'Abd Allah b. ", He set aside a fifth of the booty for the Messenger of God and divided the rest between his companions.

Malik, seems to have wanted to improve his position in the tribe against a rival faction led by his nephew , 'Amir b. alTufayl. Abu Bara' gave his formal protection to the Muslim party, and this should have been respected by all the tribe ; and it was in fact respected by all despite the pleas of his nephew to disregard it. Foiled at this point, the nephew suggested to nearby clans of the tribe of Sulaym, with whom he must have been on good terms, that they could attack the Muslims with impunity .

Hamzah was Muhammad's uncle. The Events of the Year i I I ists at a watering place called Ahya'; they shot arrows at one another but there was no hand -to-hand fighting. There is a difference of opinion as to who was the commander of the (Meccan) expedition ; some say that it was Abu Sufyan b. Harb and some that it was Mikraz b. Hafs. Al-Wagidi says: I consider the true account to be that it was Abu Sufyan b. 22 Expedition Led by Sad b. Abf Waggds In this year, in Dhu al-Qa'dah, the Messenger of God entrusted to Sa'd b.

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The History of al-Ṭabarī, Vol. 7: The Foundation of the Community: Muhammad at Al-Madina, A.D. 622-626/Hijrah-4 A.H. by M. V. McDonald, W. Montgomery Watt

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