By Abdul Waheed Khan

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Cloning is undertaken to preserve a supply of transgenic animals. e perils in the mixing of genomes can’t be taken lightly, as shown by recent global experience with contagion;⁸⁶ the social and ethical implications of proceeding with new biotechnologies in this area have led to regulatory restraints in several countries. Still, it would compound matters if a decline in public trust led to apprehension about organ donations – and about more benign biotechnologies – especially in communities where these need to be robustly cultivated to sustain the heritage of a positive communal ethos.

Other scholars have argued that ‘azl is not a proper analogy because an embryo/foetus is an ‘existing presence’ (mawjud hasil), a perspective that goes back to al-Ghazali. What we have, then, are plural ethical approaches and not simply competing doctrinal views on the specic issues. One approach stresses the pragmatic results that are considered desirable, notably family planning and protecting the mother, which are considered to outweigh the undesirability of ending a potential life. Another deems abortion to be inherently disapproved, subject only to protecting the mother; the social context is not considered relevant.

Among the leading trans-Atlantic proponents of communitarianism are Amitai Etzioni, Anthony Giddens, John Gray, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Robert Kuttner, Robert Putnam and Michael Sandel. ²³ For Himmelfarb and others on the more conservative end of the communitarian spectrum, the traditional morality dismissed by Smith is a condition sine qua non to advance civil society; any other brand of ‘social ethics’ simply lacks substance and undermines the desired civic ethos. For Giddens, Kuttner and other more liberal communitarians, it is chiey economic/free market individualism that undercuts social solidarity.

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