By Noboru Ono

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ISBN-13: 9780471224488

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ISBN-13: 9780471316114

The main worthwhile reactions of organonitro compounds in natural synthesis Compounds containing nitro teams are valuable intermediates for the synthesis of usual items and different complicated natural molecules. The Nitro team in natural Synthesis specializes in reactions that continue less than light stipulations, vital practical teams that may be synthesized through conversion of nitro teams, and the stereoselectivity of reactions of nitro compounds. those matters are of serious significance to working towards researchers in latest pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and wonderful chemical industries. The Nitro staff in natural Synthesis additionally emphasizes environmentally-friendly equipment for nitration, the significance of aliphatic nitro compounds, and smooth coaching of nitro compounds. different subject matters mentioned comprise:

  • Henry reaction
  • Asymmetric Michael addition
  • Alkylation, acylation, halogenation, and comparable reactions of RNO2
  • Substitution and removing of NO2 and RNO2 The Nitro staff in natural Synthesis is an invaluable source for researchers and scholars in natural and medicinal chemistry.

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