By Anna Farago

ISBN-10: 1894663306

ISBN-13: 9781894663304

The consumer Saint of commercial administration makes use of St. Benedict's writings to supply an easy but potent new method of administration. This e-book will provide help to take care of staff rather, truthfully and respectfully.

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The tenth degree of humility is, when a monk is not easiLj moved and auick for laughter, for it is written: "The fool exalteth his voice in laughter" (Sir 21:25). " Tne twelfth degree of humility is, when a monk is not onlti humble of heart, but alwaus letteth it •^ «~s appear also in his whole exterior to all that see -58-58- him,- namely, at the Work of God, in the garden, on a journeu, in tne field, or wherever he mat) _/ *-^ be, sitting, walking, or standing, let him always have his head bowed down, his eyes fixed on the ground, ever holding himself guilty of his sins, thinking that he is already standing before the dread judgment seat of God, and always saying to himself in his heart what the publican in the Gospel said, with his eyes fixed on the ground: "Lord, I am a sinner and not worthy to lift up mine eues to heaven" (Luke 1<3:13); and I *~^ again with the Prophet: "I am bowed down and humbled exceedingly" Psalms 115 [1191:107).

We are thus forbidden to do our own will, since the Scripture saith to us: "And turn awau from I *~^ thy evil will" (Sir 1<3:5O). And thus, too, we ask God in praqerthat His will mail be done in us (cf | *_/ *_x Matthew d>:1O). We are, therefore, rightly taught not to do our own will, when we guard against what Scripture saith: "mere are waus that to men seem right, the end whereof plungeth into the depths of hell" (Proverbs \6:2^. And also when we are filled with dread at what is said of the negligent: "They are corrupted and become — 53 — abominable in their pleasure" (Psalms 15[H*]:1).

Let not a free-born be preferred to a freed man, unless there be some other reasonable cause. 5ut if from a just reason the Abbot deemeth it proper to make such a distinction, he mau do so I I \J in regard to the rank of anuone whomsoever:' O vV otherwise let everuone keep his own place; for *~^ 1 I whether bond or free, we are all one in Christ (cf Galatians 7>:28-) Ephesians 6:8"), and we all bear an equal burden of servitude under one Lord, "for there is no respect of persons with God33 (Romans 2:11).

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