By Ben Sessa

ISBN-10: 1908995009

ISBN-13: 9781908995001

Can Psychedelics do for psychiatry what the microscope did for biology and the telescope to astronomy? Can they be used to entry at the depths of the psyche which are frequently inaccessible? Psychedelic potential: “mind manifesting” Psychedelics have been inextricably linked to the hippie counterculture of the Sixties and, extra lately, with the rave song scene and have been as soon as believed to carry nice promise for treating a few health conditions in addition to delivering entry to profound non secular stories. even though, felony regulations at the use of such medications successfully compelled them underground and taken scientific examine to a halt — until eventually lately. during this publication, psychiatrist Dr. Ben Sessa makes a persuasive case for the second look of psychedelics — LSD, MDMA (‘Ecstasy’), DMT, psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote, ibogaine, and extra — as he explores their medical power for treating quite a number stipulations from post-traumatic pressure affliction and melancholy to autism and cluster complications. in keeping with an intensive evaluate of the proof Sessa corrects a few universal misconceptions approximately psychedelics and makes a clarion demand their dependable healing use, with applicable set and surroundings, in psychotherapy, psychiatry and private progress. subject matters coated during this ebook comprise: • What are the medication and why are they so debatable? • How may still they be adequately and correctly used • what's the nature of the psychedelic adventure? • What are the consequences for psychiatry and for psycho non secular development? With readability and wit, the writer surveys the contributions of significant figures within the psychedelic flow — from Huxley, Hofmann and Sandison to Leary, Grof and McKenna — and takes the reader on a trip throughout the interesting heritage of psychedelic crops and chemical compounds as he considers the the most important position such medications have had in human tradition from prehistory to fashionable occasions. input the shamans of technology and the psychonauts of psychiatry even supposing books on psychedelics abound, volumes just like the Psychedelic Renaissance exhibit how the sphere is now addressing the substance of findings from fresh learn instead of the legions of case studies and anecdotes.

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