By Sean Dineen

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The Schwarz lemma is likely one of the easiest ends up in complicated research that seize the pressure of holomorphic services. This self-contained quantity presents a radical evaluation of the topic; it assumes no wisdom of intrinsic metrics and goals for the most effects, introducing notation, secondary strategies, and methods as important. compatible for complicated undergraduates and graduate scholars of arithmetic, the two-part therapy covers easy conception and purposes.
Starting with an exploration of the topic by way of holomorphic and subharmonic features, the therapy proves a Schwarz lemma for plurisubharmonic capabilities and discusses the elemental houses of the Poincaré distance and the Schwarz-Pick structures of pseudodistances. extra issues contain hyperbolic manifolds, exact domain names, pseudometrics outlined utilizing the (complex) eco-friendly functionality, holomorphic curvature, and the algebraic metric of Harris. the second one half explores mounted aspect theorems and the analytic Radon-Nikodym estate.

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According to Schur’s lemma, if the representation τ of K is irreducible, the 34 II. RADON TRANSFORMS ON SYMMETRIC SPACES multiplicity dim HomK (Vγ , F0 ) of Cγ∞ (F ) is equal to the multiplicity of the representation τ in the decomposition of Vγ into irreducible K-modules. 3]). For γ ∈ G, onal projection of C ∞ (F ) onto its G-submodule Cγ∞ (F ). 6 of [56]. 1. The direct sum ule of C ∞ (F ). ˆ γ∈G Cγ∞ (F ) is a dense submod- The vector bundle T∗ ⊗ T is a homogeneous vector bundle and its complexification is a unitary homogeneous vector bundle.

12. We say that a compact locally symmetric space X is rigid in the sense of Guillemin (resp. infinitesimally rigid) if the only symmetric 2-forms on X satisfying the Guillemin (resp. the zero-energy) condition are the Lie derivatives of the metric g. If X is a compact locally symmetric space X and p ≥ 0 is an integer, we consider the space Zp of all sections of C ∞ (S p T ∗ ) satisfying the zeroenergy condition. 6, we have the inclusion Dp C ∞ (S p T ∗ ) ⊂ Zp+1 . 4), we see that the infinitesimal rigidity of the compact locally symmetric space X is equivalent to the equality D1 C ∞ (T ∗ ) = Z2 .

Under these conditions, the space (Y, gY ) is isometric to the symmetric space G/K of compact type endowed with a G-invariant metric. Let Z be a maximal flat totally geodesic torus of X. Then (Z) is a flat torus of Y . On the other hand, if Z is a maximal flat totally geodesic torus of Y , then −1 Z is a totally geodesic flat torus of X. From these observations, it follows that Z = −1 (Z ), where Z = (Z); we also see that the rank of Y is equal to the rank of X and that the induced mapping : Z → Z is q-fold covering.

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