By Barry Stroud

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This ebook increases questions about the character of philosophy by way of interpreting the resource and importance of 1 crucial philosophical challenge: how do we comprehend whatever concerning the international round us? Stroud discusses and criticizes the perspectives of such philosophers as Descartes, Kant, J.L. Austin, G.E. Moore, R. Carnap, W.V. Quine, and others.

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This publication increases questions on the character of philosophy by way of analyzing the resource and importance of 1 imperative philosophical challenge: how will we comprehend whatever in regards to the international round us? Stroud discusses and criticizes the perspectives of such philosophers as Descartes, Kant, J. L. Austin, G. E. Moore, R.

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It might still be felt that after all nothing is certain in this changing world, so we should not aspire to firm truths about how things are. As long as we know that all or most of us agree about how things seem to us, or have seemed to us up till now, we might feel we have enough to give our social, cultural, and intellectual life as much stability as we can reasonably expect or need. But again this reaction does not really acknowledge the poverty or restrictedness of the position Descartes's sceptical conclusion would leave each of us in.

It is important to keep in mind that that demand for an explanation arises in the face of a challenge or apparent obstacle to our knowledge of the world. The possibility that he is dreaming is seen as an obstacle to Descartes's knowing that he is sitting by the fire, and it must be explained how that obstacle can either be avoided or overcome. It must be shown or explained how it is possible for us to know things about the world, given that the sense-experiences we get are compatible with our merely dreaming.

There would be no possibility of our getting reliable sensory information about the world beyond the veil; all such reports would simply be more representations, further ingredients of the ever-morecomplicated veil. We could know nothing but the veil itself. We would be in the position of someone waking up to find himself locked in a room full of television sets and trying to find out what is going on in the world outside. For all he can know whatever is producing the patterns he can see on the screens in front of him might be something other than well-functioning cameras directed on to the passing show outside the room.

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