By H. Jay Riker

ISBN-10: 0061560405

ISBN-13: 9780061560408

ISBN-10: 0380804689

ISBN-13: 9780380804689

The assault on the USA has replaced every little thing. And the recent battle has sparked one other -- igniting a devastating hearth that may devour the world.In the chaos of the 1st significant clash of the twenty-first century, an outdated enemy sees the chance to strike. trying to take advantage of America's preoccupation with its foes within the center East, the People's Republic of China units out to "reclaim" by way of strength the territories it considers its personal: the Spratly Islands within the South China Sea...and Taiwan. China's arsenal is extraordinary and lethal, together with a couple of Akula nuclear-powered subs bought from a cash-hungry Russia. As chinese language missiles fly around the Straits of Taiwan, the casualties mount at an alarming rate-with American servicemen numbered one of several dead.World warfare 3 now turns out inevitable. And the destiny of the Earth all at once rests with the commander and team of the U.S.S. Seawolf, lead boat of America's latest type of ultrasilent assault submarines. For this conflict can simply be received underneath the skin of a turbulent sea -- the place the enemy ideas in firepower and numbers...and won't relent, even on the rate of the long run.

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Up the ladder, then, rubber boots almost silent on the metal rungs. The ladder opened onto the first deck above the main deck. Another Chinese sailor with striped shirt and an assault rifle turned as they emerged from the ladder well. Schiff triggered his H&K twice, a double tap on semiauto that punched the sailor back, slammed him against the bulkhead, and put him down with a heavy thump that was louder than the soft chuffing of the sound-suppressed submachine gun. Seawolf Class 37 Around the corner and up another ladder took them to the bridge level, emerging on a partially enclosed passageway leading to the bridge’s starboard wing.

That was a bonus; he’d hoped his little surprise package might set off sympathetic detonations in the cargo of ammo and explosives the Kuei Mei was carrying in her hold but hadn’t been able to count on it. The ongoing blasts would only emphasize the point he’d made with the first explosion. And it looked as though the remaining Chinese crewmen had gotten the message. Forward, half glimpsed in the glare from the Kilo’s spotlight, three men in striped shirts raced across the deck to the starboard bow and leaped off into the darkness.

America was under attack by enemies who could slip in and out almost at will, across unguarded borders, by airliner or ocean freighter. Just because you’re paranoid, Morton thought, repeating the old joke to himself, it doesn’t mean the bastards aren’t out to get you. “Hammerhead Two, this is Hammerhead One,” he called softly, engaging his mike. “Two, this is One. ” No response. Hammerhead Two was investigating the hold forward of the one Morton was in. “Whalesong, Hammerhead. ” Again no reply.

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