By Harry Harrison

ISBN-10: 0812575350

ISBN-13: 9780812575354

Slippery Jim DiGriz. The galaxy's maximum thief and con artist: the chrome steel Rat. For novel upon novel, Jim DiGriz has outfoxed the forces of conventionality, slicing a classy swathe via dozens of famous person structures.

Now, Slippery Jim and his appealing spouse Angelina locate themselves becalmed on a painfully dull backwater planet, with not anything to do yet perform their talents at desktop crime.

Then they meet a billionaire who claims to be 40,000 years old--who deals them hundreds of thousands of credit to enquire a string of unsolved interstellar financial institution robberies. Robberies which, it seems, continually take place while the circus is within reach. . . .

In a feeling, the chrome steel Rat has regularly been a high-wire performer. Now, as he infiltrates the realm of the galactic gigantic most sensible, he's taking the function to extremes . . . and drawing the eye of extra harmful ringmasters and strongmen than he ever anticipated.

Will this be his ultimate express? Has Slippery Jim eventually leapt for his final trapeze? Naaah.

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If you share your magic with him they certainly will be. ” “Well-“ he said, and I knew that we had won the day. We rented a house nearby. Every morning the limo would pick him up and bring him over. He was looking rehabilitated already. The better diet, a certain amount of booze, plus the geriatric jabs worked their wonders. Also, I think he grew in stature as he worked his miracles for us. While we waited for some stunning-and expensive-apparatus we had ordered, he drilled me in the basic skills.

Don’t let it worry you,” James said. “I have search programs working in all the site cities. ” I needed no encouragement. Although I enjoyed the scuba diving, even more gratifying was the rugged continent near Elysium’s northern pole. Here were jagged mountains and endless snow. A skier’s paradise. My muscle tone actually hummed with life now. Angelina and I enjoyed every moment of our extended holiday. Yet still best of all was waking in the morning and checking my balance in the bank. Which was growing at the rate of four million a day.

He took the kerchief from his breast pocket, touched it lightly to his lips, returned it. One atom short of a molecule, I thought. I caught Angelina’s eye and saw that she thought the same. “But now I have a very troublesome problem that needs to be solved. ” “Three million a day,” I said promptly, avarice beating down suspicion. “Done,” he said, stifling a yawn at the same time. “My problem is that I am systematically being robbed. Someone or some group-has been getting into my bank accounts.

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