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1 / Case learn: the speculation of Value.- 2 / the strategy of Idealization and Concretization.- three / Idealization and Ideal-Typical approach: Marx and Weber.- four / Idealization and Positivism.- five / Idealization and Hypotheticism.- 6 / Idealization and ‘Methodological Irrationalism’.- 7 / Assumptions.- eight / The Marxian version of clinical task (Model I).- nine / Deduction and Modelling (Model II).- 10 / Approximation (Model III).- eleven / Semi-Idealization and likelihood (Model IV).- 12 / Programming And sensible Sciences (Model V).- thirteen / clinical group and development of Science.- 14 / The Social Context of Science.- 15 / The Social reason behind Making Science.- sixteen / The final Resort.- 17 / The legislation of Absolute Pauperization.- 18 / The Contradiction among the 3rd and the 1st quantity of Capital.- 19 / Marx’S Historicism.- 20 / The Contradictions and Ambiguities in the concept of Social Class.- References brought up.

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CHAPTER 3 IDEALIZATION AND IDEAL-TYPICAL METHOD: MARX AND WEBER 1. IDEAL-TYPICAL METHOD According to Max Weber · . all specifically Marxian 'laws' and developmental constructs - insofar as they are theoretically sound - are ideal types (Weber (1), p. 103). My aim here is to prove that this opinion - which ascribes to Marx the role of a scientist who unconsciously accepted the Weberian conception of ideal types - is false, since there is an important difference between Marx's abstraction and Weber's ideal-typical procedure.

PART II MARX'S IDEAS AND MODERN METHODOLOGICAL TRENDS The goal of this part of the book is to compare Marx's method of idealization (to be strict: Marx's method of abstraction interpreted in terms of idealization) with well known and influential modern methodological trends or schools. It seems to me that they are of two kinds: those that belong to the tradition of the German philosophy of humanities and those that belong to the empiricist tradition. We shall distinguish within the first group the Weberian methodological doctrine and within the second group two trends will be discussed: positivism and hypotheticism.

The passage to the schemes of enlarged reproduction is performed in the same way as the passage from the law of value TS to its "transformed forms" T7, T6, etc. (see Chapter 1, Section 2). , utilises a part of surplus value for an increase of the means of production (Me) and for an employment of more labour force (Mv): °< Ma(x) = Me(x) + Mv(x). At the same time the consequents of the schemes (Ri), (R~) are corrected with respect to the fund of accumulation Ma. In this way, the schemes of enlarged reproduction are obtained: (RD if E(x) and Val(x) = const and Mix) > 0, THE METHOD OF IDEALIZATION AND CONCRETIZATION 27 then P1(x) = C1(x) + V1(x) + M1(x) + Mf(x) + Mr(x); if E(x) and Val(x) = const and Ma(x) > 0, then Pz(x) = Cz(x) + Vz(x) + Mz(x) + M~(x) + M~(x).

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