By Wilferd Madelung

ISBN-10: 0521561817

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In a resounding reinterpretation of early Islamic heritage, Wilferd Madelung examines the clash that built after the demise of Muhammad for keep watch over of the Muslim group. He demonstrates how this clash, which marked the dying of the 1st 4 caliphs, led to the lasting schism among Sunnite and Shi'ite Islam. unlike fresh scholarly developments, the writer takes up the Shi'i reason, arguing in safety of the succession of 'Ali. This e-book will make an incredible scholarly contribution to the controversy over succession.

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The latter seems to have tried to draw him into his company as a representative of the Banu Hashim, who mostly avoided him. During the siege of (Uthman's residence in Medina by the rebels from Egypt and Kufa, he was among the group of sons of prominent Companions who protected the palace of the caliph. 'Uthman then appointed him leader of the pilgrimage to Mekka and entrusted him with an open letter to the pilgrims, from whom he hoped for relief. 'AIT initially relied extensively on his advice and appointed him governor of Basra.

Goldziher suggested that the hadith of Jubayr b. Mut'im about the Prophet's preference of Hashim and al-Muttalib over {Abd Shams and Nawfal was an {Abbasid anti-Umayyad partisan invention. This judgement rests on a complete disregard of the facts of Muhammad's career and his conflict with his Mekkan opponents. See Madelung, 'The Hashimiyyat', 24—6. Caetani mistranslated the phrase (ahl baytih) man hurrima l-sadaqa ba'dah in the hadith about Ghadlr Khumm attributed to Zayd b. Arqam as 'people of his house are those who are excluded from the obligation of paying the legal alms after the death of the Prophet' (Annali, X, 455).

Muhammad's kinsmen obeyed the command. The transmitter of the report added: ( A'isha used to say that with hindsight (law istaqbaltu min amrimd istadbartu) she thought that only his wives should have washed him. 58 The listeners were thus left in no doubt that the wives, under "A'isha's guidance, would not have needed a divine reprimand to stop them from committing an act of disrespect to the Prophet's body, unlike Muhammad's insensitive and quarrelsome kin. 58 Tabarl, I, 1831. Ibn Hisham, Sirat sayyidind, (1019) omitted the venomous comment of ( A'isha.

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