By Adis Duderija

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This quantity presents an outline of the character and scope of the concept that of Sunna either in pre-modern and smooth Islamic discussions. the focus is on laying off extra mild at the context during which the time period Sunna within the significant works of Islamic legislation and felony concept throughout all the significant madhahib used to be hired in the course of the first six centuries Hijri.

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The translation is from Rex Smith, The History, XIV, 152. Al-Wāqidī, Kitāb al-Maghāzī, 671. Yūnus, Sīra, 117 no. 172. Yūnus, Sīra, 314 no. 518. Ibn Hishām, al-Sīra, III, 88 (Ghazwat UĶud). Al-Žabarī, Tārīkh, III, 76. Guillaume, The Life, 387, footnote 1. ʿAbd al-Razzāq, al-MuŴannaf, V no. 9758. Ibn Hishām, al-Sīra, IV, 273 (Amr Saqīfa Banī Sāʿida). Al-Žabarī, Taʾrīkh, III, 255 (ĵadīth al-shaqīfa). Yūnus, Sīra, 256 no. 423. Al-Wāqidī, Kitāb al-Maghāzī, 620 and 594, respectively. The first translation is from Faizer, The Life, 457.

Furū‘ UŴūl is the plural of aŴl, which means the lower part of something, the foundation and root upon which something else is based. 1 In parallel with the lexical meanings, two kinds of relationships between the words uŴūl and furū‘ seem to have been considered, and were used sometimes slightly differently and sometimes vaguely interchangeably during the early classical period, namely, constitutive and hierarchical. In the constitutive relationship, uŴūl is understood as things that are needed for the existence of furū‘.

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