By Günther Hasinger; Joachim E Trümper

ISBN-10: 354034411X

ISBN-13: 9783540344117

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1998, Astrophys. J. 496, 538 4 Imaging Proportional Counters E. 1 Introduction The sensitivity of astronomical observations in the soft X-ray band has been increased dramatically by the use of imaging optics and position sensitive focal plane detectors. The tremendous sensitivity increase of imaging telescopes compared with detectors with mechanical collimators has two reasons. The effective collecting area of the telescope is determined by the sensitive area of the mirror system and not any more by the area of the detector.

The amplitude of the peak/rings is a measure of the source flux. Multiple sources can easily be imaged simultaneously and the position and flux of each individual source can be determined. Image imperfections like ghost peaks can be avoided by shifting the grid patterns against each other (by d/2) and by placing the rotation axis at the edge of the desired FOV [24]. 2 Spatial Aperture Modulation The alternative to the temporal aperture modulation is the spatial aperture modulation. It requires two-dimensional position sensitive detectors.

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The universe in X-rays : with 237 figures, 40 in color and 19 tables by Günther Hasinger; Joachim E Trümper

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