By Tim Rayborn

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The suggestion of Christianity as a faith of peace was once seriously established in the course of the center a while, whilst killing within the identify of God turned a sanctified act. during this e-book, Tim Rayborn strains the improvement of the early Crusades, Christian perspectives of warfare and violence, and its attitudes towards Islam, essentially through the turbulent interval of the eleventh and twelfth centuries (with a few awareness to previous centuries). A marked shift in Christian perceptions of its personal identification coincided with a significantly extra martial and competitive method of nonbelievers either in and out of Europe.
This wide-ranging learn comprises such issues because the historical past to the 1st campaign, the Knights Templar, Bernard of Clairvaux, the Cistercian Order, the works of Peter the Venerable, apocalyptic hopes and fears, and martyrdom within the context of Christian conflicts with Islam. concentrating on French monastic writings, the ebook additionally examines papal files, Spanish polemics, campaign chronicles, and different works. it is a survey of analysis on those very important matters, and serves as either a reference paintings and some degree of departure for additional research.

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