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Nevertheless Tyrannosaurus was an enormous and fearful animal. The tail was probably short (it has not yet been found complete), giving a total length of 35 to 40 feet (10-12 m). 2 m) long, shorter, by the way, than that of the terror crocodile, Phobosuchus. The teeth are 6-inch (15 cm) daggers with sharp serrated edges. 75 m) long and had only two fingers. It is difficult to see why the arms degenerated to this extent. One authority has suggested that they were used to help the animal to get up after it had lain down on its belly for a rest.

The Antarctic Continent now lies, of course, right over the south pole. When neither of these conditions exists the free circulation of oceanic water between the equator and the poles keeps the world climate stable and fairly warm. The only other ice age that has occurred during the time of the fossil record was prolonged and severe one at the very beginning of the age of reptiles, 300 to 250 million years ago at the transition from the Carboniferous to the Permian period. It was confined to the southern hemisphere and affected large areas of Gondwanaland, which then lay right over he south pole.

Ii the present During almosl continents were- united into two supercontinents, northern aurasia formed ol urasia and North America, now divided by the North Atlantu and southern Gondwanaland he units thai were once bunched togethei to form the southern supercontinenl are now widely separated; they are South America, Antarctica, Africa, Australia and (rathei surprisingly) Peninsular India. In Permian and Triassic times the two greal [and masses were probably broadly linked by a junction of North and South America with whal is now the north western bulge of Africa.

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