By Albert Jack

ISBN-10: 1632202360

ISBN-13: 9781632202369

A funny account of significant inventors and their critics who anticipated failure.
They Laughed at Galileo takes a funny and reflective examine 1000 years of the advance of humankind: those that dreamt, those that taught, those that antagonistic, and people who, finally, did.
At a few element in sleek heritage, every one in every of our innovations and discoveries used to be first estimated after which built through a unmarried individual, or a handful of individuals, who dreamt of the probably most unlikely. For them, the long run was once transparent and visible, yet for the overwhelming majority, together with the said specialists in their days, such trust was once sheer folly.
For on the subject of every little thing that has superior our smooth existence in a manner that our ancestors couldn't in all probability think, there has been as soon as a lone dreamer proclaiming, “It may be done." That dreamer used to be almost always adverse via a staff of “enlightened" contemporaries publicly mentioning, “It can't be done." good, convinced it could.
Marconi's instant radio transmissions have been at the beginning deemed unnecessary. Edward L. Drake's eventual luck on August 27, 1859, used to be referred to as the day “the loopy guy first struck oil." Louis Pasteur's idea of germs was once thought of a “ridiculous fiction." every one of those innovations has had a profound impact at the process human heritage, and every one was once rejected, resisted, and ridiculed in its day. finally, the innovators who introduced those into life supplied valuable contributions to technology and the tradition of humankind.

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