By Dean Koontz

ISBN-10: 0553582925

ISBN-13: 9780553582925

Tommy Phan is a winning detective novelist dwelling the yankee Dream in southern California. One night he comes domestic to discover a small rag doll on his doorstep. It’s an easy doll, coated totally in white textile, with crossed black stitches for the eyes and mouth, and one other pair forming an X over the guts. Curious, he brings it inside.That evening Tommy hears a strange popping sound and appears as much as see the stitches breaking over the doll’s middle. And in mins the material of Tommy Phan’s fact may be torn aside. whatever terrifying emerges from the pristine white textile, anything that might stick with Tommy anyplace he is going. anything that he can’t ruin. It desires Tommy’s lifestyles, and he doesn’t comprehend why. He has just one best friend, a gorgeous, surprisingly intuitive waitress he meets by means of chance—or by means of a layout a ways past his comprehension. He has too many questions, no solutions, and extremely little time. as the vicious and demonically shrewdpermanent doll has left this caution on Tommy’s computing device screen:The time limit is dawn.TicktockTime is working out.

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Tail slithering spasmodically back and forth on the floor. Wisps of smoke rising from it. But intact. Tommy raised his throbbing head for a better view. He didn't see any splatters of blood on the carpet or on the wall. Not one drop. The beast stopped shuddering and rolled onto its back. Then it sat up and sighed. The sigh wasn't one of weariness but of pleasure, as though being shot point-blank in the chest had been an interesting and gratifying experience. Tommy pushed up onto his knees. Across the office, the mini-kin put its black-and-yellow-mottled hands on its scorched, smoking abdomen.

Still largely concealed by the increasingly soiled and ragged fabric that had been the skin of its doll phase, the creature had appeared to be partly reptilian, with the scales and the eyes of a serpent, but Tommy had perceived insectile qualities to it as well, features and capabilities not yet fully revealed. Page 48 He reversed into the driveway, into torrents of rain, switched on the windshield wipers, and continued into the street, leaving the garage door open, other doors unlocked. At worst, what might get into the house during his absence?

Tommy pressed his ear lighter to the paper-thin crack between the door and the jamb. He heard nothing more, but he was certain that he hadn't imagined the first sound. The silence in that room now had a menacing quality. On one level, he was frustrated and angry with himself for continuing to behave as though the snake-eyed mini-kin was actually inside the office, standing on his desk, shedding its white cotton chrysalis. But, at the same time, instinctively he knew that he was not truly insane, no matter how much he might wish that he were.

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Ticktock by Dean Koontz

by Christopher

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