By Harvey Brownstone

ISBN-10: 1550228706

ISBN-13: 9781550228700

Explaining advanced relations legislations innovations and methods in a jargon-free sort, this resource includes particular info on how kin court docket works, offers simply comprehensible case examples, and describes possible choices to litigation which are designed to aid prevent families with childrens from entering the legal procedure to unravel disputes. Exploring matters that follow to all events all in favour of resolving separation, divorce, and custody conflicts—judges, attorneys, mediators, parenting coaches, psychologists, relatives counselors, and social workers—this reference demystifies the position of legal professionals and judges, debunks the fantasy that oldsters can symbolize themselves in court, and examines every one parent’s accountability to make sure that post-separation conflicts are resolved with minimum emotional tension to children. 

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Sometimes the parties will agree in advance that if the dispute is not resolved, the mediator will write a report explaining to the judge why the parties were not able to agree. This is called open mediation. Some couples prefer closed mediation, which means that the mediator will not disclose to the judge what the parties said during the mediation and will not explain why the parties failed to agree. Many courts located in large cities and towns throughout North America have on-site staff mediators who provide free services with a view to diverting families away from the costly, time-consuming, and stressful route of litigation.

2 There do not appear to be reliable statistics tracking the percentage of separated couples who resort to litigation to resolve their family law issues. This is partly because there is no way to track the number of unmarried couples who break up. The 10 per cent figure referred to is an anecdotal estimate based on my conversations with family law specialist lawyers in Canada and the United States. There appears to be a consensus among these lawyers that only 10 per cent of their caseloads require family court litigation or private arbitration; the rest of their cases are settled by way of separation agreements, using traditional inter-lawyer negotiations, mediation, or the collaborative law process (see Chapter 4).

Is the dispute between you and your ex-partner so bitter and out of control that you would willingly surrender your joint decisionmaking authority to a complete stranger who doesn’t know you or your children and who will not have to live with the consequences of his/her decision? Of course, my colleagues and I try our best, but you need to know before you embark on a court case that we are not really equipped to know what’s best for your family. In extreme cases, of which I have certainly seen my fair share, the court not only rejects the plan of each parent but decides that neither parent is a suitable caregiver, resulting in the child being placed in foster care.

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