By Francis E. Burstall, John H. Rawnsley

ISBN-10: 0387526021

ISBN-13: 9780387526027

In this monograph on twistor thought and its purposes to harmonic map concept, a valuable topic is the interaction among the advanced homogeneous geometry of flag manifolds and the genuine homogeneous geometry of symmetric areas. particularly, flag manifolds are proven to come up as twistor areas of Riemannian symmetric areas. functions of this concept contain a whole type of sturdy harmonic 2-spheres in Riemannian symmetric areas and a Bäcklund rework for harmonic 2-spheres in Lie teams which, in lots of situations, presents a factorisation theorem for such spheres in addition to hole phenomena. the most equipment used are these of homogeneous geometry and Lie conception including a few algebraic geometry of Riemann surfaces. The paintings addresses differential geometers, specifically people with pursuits in minimum surfaces and homogeneous manifolds.

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In the following chapters, we shall also study index problems for manifolds with boundary, and their deep link with general properties of complex powers of elliptic operators, and the asymptotic expansion of the integrated heat kernel (cf. Piazza 1991, 1993). 6 Pseudo-differential operators Many recent developments in operator theory and spectral asymptotics deal with pseudo-differential operators. e. their parametrices) in the elliptic case, integral and integro-differential operators, including, in particular, the singular integral operators.

38) where z == Rv' - E. 39) G/(z) "" (12 + Z2)1/2 as 1-+ 00. 40) Bearing in mind that GHz) > 0 if z > 0, one finds that Eq. 38) can have only one solution, provided that q(ll R) < _I ~I. 41) Further details on surface states, bulk states and their relevance for physical applications, can be found in the paper by Schroder (1989). 3 Index problems This chapter begins with an outline of index problems for closed manifolds and for manifolds with boundary, and of the relation between index theory and anomalies in quantum field theory.

They range from 1 through m, where m = dim(M). 1 Operators of Laplace type 23 w here a is a local section of T M @End(V), and b is a local section of End(V). It is also useful to express D in terms of Christoffel symbols and connection one-forms. For this purpose, let f be the Christoffel symbols of the Levi-Civita connection of the metric 9 on M, let V' be an auxiliary connection on V, and let E be an element of Coo (End(V)). One can now define (Branson et al. 1997) : P(g, V', E) == - ( Tr9 V'2 = _gJ-LO' [IVOJ-LOO' +wJ-LwO' - +E) + 2wJ-LoO' - f J-L: Ivov + oJ-LwO' fJ-L: Wv] - E.

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Twistor Theory for Riemannian Symmetric Spaces: With Applications to Harmonic Maps of Riemann Surfaces by Francis E. Burstall, John H. Rawnsley

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