By Colin R. Bruce

Официальное издание Краузе - каталог нeoбычныx монет мира, включающий монеты непризнанных, выдуманных и т.д. государств, неофициальные выпуски и др., выпущенные в 19 и 20 веках.

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For they that by tradition of their ancestors know the most certainty of the acts of the Peloponnesians say that first Pelops, by the abundance of his wealth which he brought with him out of Asia to men in want, obtained such power amongst them, as, though he were a stranger, sire yet the country was called after his name; and that this power was also increased by his posterity. For Eurystheus being slain in Attica by the Heracleidae, Atreus, that was his uncle by the mother, and was then abiding with him as an exiled person for fear of his father for the death of Chrysippus, and to whom Eurystheus, when he undertook the expedition, had committed Mycenae and the government thereof, for that he was his kinsman; when as Eurystheus came not back (the Mycenians being willing to it for fear of the Heracleidae, and because he was an able man and made much of the common people), obtained the kingdom of Mycenae, and of whatsoever else was under Eurystheus, for himself; and the power of the Pelopides became greater than that of the Perseides.

39. "They say now that before they took it, they offered to put the cause to trial of judgment. But you are not to think that such a one will stand to judgment as hath advantage and is sure already of what he offereth to for, but rather he that plead The First Book 25 before the trial will admit equality in the matter itself as well as in the pleading. * And now hither they be come, not content to have been faulty in that business themselves but to get in you, into their confederacy? no, but into their conspiracy, and to receive them in this name that they are enemies to us.

43. "And since we be come to 27 up with present shows, men this, which once before we Lacedaemon, that everyone ought to proceed as he shall think good against his own confederates, we claim that our liberty now of you; and that you that have been helped by said at votes will not hurt us remembering that now now by is yours, but render like for like; that occasion wherein he that aideth is our greatest friend, and he that opposeth us our greatest enemy; and that you will not receive these Corcyraeans into league against our wills nor defend them in their injuries.

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