By Derek Phillips

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This attractive quantity paints a large portrait of lifestyle in seventeenth-century Amsterdam. Taking the reader into the center of the Dutch Golden Age, Derek Phillips makes use of a large choice of assets on the way to supply a wealth of family aspect: from how humans washed their outfits and cooked their nutrition to how they lived, married, and raised their children.   health and wellbeing in Amsterdam's Golden Age covers the terrain of retailers' places of work, regents' drawing rooms, and servants' quarters via various multidisciplinary views, revealing the procedures linking equality and wellbeing and fitness in seventeenth-century Amsterdam and past.

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Derek Phillips's Well-Being in Amsterdam's Golden Age PDF

This pleasing quantity paints a extensive portrait of lifestyle in seventeenth-century Amsterdam. Taking the reader into the center of the Dutch Golden Age, Derek Phillips makes use of a wide selection of assets in an effort to offer a wealth of household aspect: from how humans washed their outfits and cooked their nutrition to how they lived, married, and raised their teenagers.

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Cette Histoire de l. a. Bastille est certes romancée, mais basée sur des faits historiquement établis.
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Along with the advantages that guilds provided for earning a living, they offered other benefits affecting the well-being of members and their families. Social insurance did not yet exist. But guilds were a source of mu- 30 well-being in amsterdam’s golden age tual aid to minimize the effects of illness, invalidism, old age, widowhood, and death. 16 Craft guilds had, in fact, enormous control over the lives of their members. Most guilds had no women members. The seamstresses had their own guild.

60 In total, more than two-fifths of Amsterdam households lived either just above or below the poverty line. Most were people who had come to Amsterdam from elsewhere. The more unskilled the work someone did, the more tightly it was controlled. Commenting on the work situation of laborers employed by the VOC in Amsterdam, Schijf and van Woerkom note their lack of rights and the fact that they could be fired at any time. VOC regulations were strict, authoritarian in tone, and listed various sorts of forbidden behavior: smoking, drinking, cursing, fighting, blasphemy, and excessive talking.

Although requiring citizenship, it was a poor-paying job of low status. Carrying peat (turf) was dirty work involving heavy lifting and being outside in all kinds of weather. This makes it clear that the general absence of women in Amsterdam’ guilds was not the result of a paternalistic concern that artisan activities were too physically strenuous and demanding for members of the fairer sex. Instead, it reflected the judgment that women should be kept in their appropriate position as subordinates to men.

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