By Wesley D. Camp

ISBN-10: 013952102X

ISBN-13: 9780139521027

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There was something a little less proper about his syntax, despite the fact that he was obviously trying very hard to speak perfect Angla, as they called it. “I trust my unorthodox arrival did not give you too much cause for alarm,” he added, casting a side-long glance at Jessica, who stood against the wall on the same side of the table as Nathan and Cameron. Tobin reached out his hand in greeting, shaking first Cameron’s and then Nathan’s. “Yes, your style seemed a bit aggressive,” Nathan admitted politely.

Come on, Jessica. ” Jessica turned to follow Cameron out. “That’s gonna be a long, smelly shuttle ride,” she said. “Let’s go try out some of those meal kits they retrieved,” Jessica suggested as she caught up with Cameron in the corridor. She had grown tired of the nuts and dried fruit just like everyone else on board. Jessica noticed Cameron’s expression. She usually had a serious look on her face, but her current expression was more serious than usual, even for Cameron. ” “I’m worried about your trip to Haven,” Cameron admitted.

Considering how fast they were dropping toward the rings, it was understandable, even if a bit unexpected. “Come forward two hundred meters, quickly,” Kaylah ordered. Nathan didn’t ask why, the urgency in Kaylah’s usually demure voice was reason enough. Nathan blasted the thrusters again, this time pushing them forward as they continued to translate downward toward into the rings. “One fifty,” Kaylah reported. ” “I see it now,” Cameron reported. The moment Kaylah had barked out her recommendation, Cameron had switched her display over to track only what was nearby.

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