Evaluate: Woodcraft journal covers the tasks, innovations, and items of woodworking like nobody else! every one factor is full of tales from our specialist undertaking designers, developers, writers and specialists that can assist you paintings wooden effectively and upload for your woodworking abilities and data. along with initiatives, ideas and tasks, youll stopover at a different woodshop, acquire new store assistance and styles, and examine extra concerning the wooden used to construct a topic project.

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Depending on your needs, you can build just a single module, or combine them. In the different versions of this project that I’ve made, contrasting wood species are used for the drawer fronts. Personalize your project with your own wood •’‡…‹‡•…Š‘‹…‡•‘”™‹–Š†‹ˆˆ‡”‡–’ƒ‹–‡†‘”•–ƒ‹‡†ϐ‹‹•Š‡•Ǥ PANEL CLIPS CORK BOARD FRAME 24 × 283Ш8" (See page 38) 1 Ш4" PLYWOOD DRAWER BOX 4 × 51Ш2 × 29" (See page 39) BEADED TRIM DRAWER (See page 40) Join modules together with ηϮϬďŝƐĐƵŝƚƐ͘ PEG RACK Ш4 × 4 × 283Ш8" 3 COAT HOOK ,ĂƌĚǁĂƌĞŽƌĚĞƌ ŽŶƐƚƌƵĐƟŽŶƐĞƋƵĞŶĐĞ • • • • ƵŝůĚƚŚĞĨƌĂŵĞ͕ƚŚĞŶŵĂŬĞƚŚĞďƵůůĞƟŶďŽĂƌĚ͘ ƵŝůĚƚŚĞĚƌĂǁĞƌďŽdž͕ƚŚĞŶŵĂŬĞƚŚĞĚƌĂǁĞƌƐ͘ DĂŬĞƚŚĞƉĞŐƌĂĐŬ͘ :ŽŝŶƚŚĞĨƌĂŵĞ͕ĚƌĂǁĞƌďŽdž͕ĂŶĚƉĞŐƌĂĐŬƚŽŐĞƚŚĞƌ͘ WŚŽƚŽƐ͗>ĂƌƌLJ,ĂŵĞůͲ>ĂŵďĞƌƚ͖/ůůƵƐƚƌĂƟŽŶƐ͗:ŽŚŶ,ĂƌƚŵĂŶ  • • • • 2 drawer pulls 4 coat hooks 6 panel clips 2 keyhole plates (See Buyer’s Guide, page 64) :ƵŶĞͬ:ƵůLJϮϬϭϲ ǁŽŽĚĐƌĂĨƚŵĂŐĂnjŝŶĞ͘ĐŽŵ 37 Assemble a beaded frame, then add the corkboard After assembling the frame, use a 3Τ8"-radius „‡ƒ†‹‰„‹––‘‹ŽŽƒ„‡ƒ†’”‘ϐ‹Ž‡‹•‘‡…Ž‡ƒ” •–‘…Ǥ—––Š‡„‡ƒ†‡†–”‹ˆ”‡‡ǡƒ••Š‘™ „‡Ž‘™ǤŠ‡‹•–ƒŽŽ‡†–”‹…”‡ƒ–‡•ƒ”ƒ„„‡––‘ Š‘Ž†›‘—”’ƒ‡ŽǤ ˆ›‘—™ƒ–ƒ‹””‘”‹•–‡ƒ† ‘ˆƒ…‘”„‘ƒ”†‘”…ŠƒŽ„‘ƒ”†’ƒ‡Žǡ–ƒ‡–Š‡ …‘’Ž‡–‡†ˆ”ƒ‡–‘ƒ‰Žƒ••ƒ†‹””‘”†‡ƒŽ‡”Ǥ Frame details Rout cove along ƚŽƉĂŶĚƐŝĚĞƐ͘ dZ/D KZ< RAIL 3 Ш4 × 17Ш8 × 245Ш8" Making and installing the bead ϭ͘ZŽƵƚƚŚĞďĞĂĚ͘ Ϯ͘ƵƚƚŚĞ ďĞĂĚĨƌĞĞ͘ Beading bit Ш8" R 3 ϯ͘'ůƵĞĂŶĚƉŝŶ ƚŽƚŚĞĨƌĂŵĞ͘ /ŶƐƚĂůůŝŶŐŬĞLJŚŽůĞŚĂƌĚǁĂƌĞ dŽƉŽĨ router table Router table fence Ш4ΗW>ztKK 1 Ш8" 3 tĂƐƚĞ &ZD ^WZ 11Ш4" Panhead screw Keyhole plate ϭ͘ Hold the keyhole plate on its ůĂLJŽƵƚ͕ĂŶĚƚƌĂĐĞƚŚĞƐŚĂƉĞ͘ Ϯ͘ DĂŬĞƚŚĞŵŽƌƟƐĞĂŶĚĐůĞĂƌĂŶĐĞŚŽůĞ with a 1Ш2Η&ŽƌƐƚŶĞƌďŝƚĂŶĚĐŚŝƐĞů͘ ϯ͘ ^ĐƌĞǁƚŚĞƉůĂƚĞŝŶƉůĂĐĞ͘ ƵƚƟŶLJŵŝƚĞƌƐǁŝƚŚĂƟŶLJƐĂǁ͘I screwed the aluminum miter box to a plywood base, then ĐůĂŵƉĞĚƚŚŝƐƐŵĂůůǁŽƌŬƐƚĂƟŽŶƚŽŵLJďĞŶĐŚ͘ Spacers tŽƌŬLJŽƵƌǁĂLJĂƌŽƵŶĚ͘Cut each piece of beaded molding slightly ůŽŶŐ͘DŝƚĞƌŽŶĞĞŶĚ͕ƚŚĞŶĮƚƚŚĞƉŝĞĐĞŝŶƉůĂĐĞŽŶƚŚĞĨƌĂŵĞ ƚŽŵĂƌŬƚŚĞŽƉƉŽƐŝƚĞŵŝƚĞƌ͘/ŶƐƚĂůůǁŝƚŚŐůƵĞĂŶĚ1Ш2" pin nails, ƵƐŝŶŐƐƉĂĐĞƌƐƚŽĐƌĞĂƚĞĂƵŶŝĨŽƌŵƌĂďďĞƚďĞŚŝŶĚƚŚĞŵŽůĚŝŶŐ͘ 38 ǁŽŽĚĐƌĂĨƚŵĂŐĂnjŝŶĞ͘ĐŽŵ :ƵŶĞͬ:ƵůLJϮϬϭϲ WůLJǁŽŽĚŐĞƚƐĂĐŽƌŬďŽĂƌĚĐŽǀĞƌŝŶŐ͘Use 1Ш4ΗƉŝŶĞŽƌĮƌ ƉůLJǁŽŽĚĂƐƚŚĞďĂĐŬŝŶŐĨŽƌĂĐŽƌŬďŽĂƌĚĐŽǀĞƌŝŶŐ͘zŽƵĐĂŶƵƐĞ adhesive-backed corkboard (shown here) or corkboard squares ƚŚĂƚĂƌĞŐůƵĞĚƚŽƚŚĞƉůLJǁŽŽĚǁŝƚŚĐŽŶƚĂĐƚĂĚŚĞƐŝǀĞ͘ŝƚŚĞƌ ǁĂLJ͕ĐƵƚƚŚĞďĂĐŬĞƌďŽĂƌĚƚŽĮŶŝƐŚĞĚƐŝnjĞĮƌƐƚ͕ƚŚĞŶĂƉƉůLJ ƚŚĞĐŽƌŬďŽĂƌĚ͕ƚƌŝŵŵŝŶŐŽīĂŶLJĞdžĐĞƐƐǁŝƚŚĂƵƟůŝƚLJŬŶŝĨĞ͘ Build a box with sliding dovetails To prep for this part of the project, cut the top and „‘––‘’‹‡…‡•–‘ϐ‹‹•Š‡†™‹†–Šǡ„—–ƒŽŽ‘™„‘–Š ’‹‡…‡•–‘”—Ž‘‰—–‹Žƒˆ–‡”›‘—ǯ˜‡ƒ••‡„Ž‡† –Š‡„‘šǤŠ‡†‘˜‡–ƒ‹ŽŒ‹‰‹••‹œ‡†–‘•’ƒ–Š‡–‘’ ƒ†„‘––‘’‹‡…‡•ƒ†‰—‹†‡ƒ3Τ4̶„—•Š‹‰ ƒ†ͺ醑˜‡–ƒ‹Ž„‹–ǤŽ‹‰–Š‡Œ‹‰ǯ•‘’‡•Ž‘–‘˜‡” ‡ƒ…Š†ƒ†‘ǯ•…‡–‡”Ž‹‡–‘•‡–—’‡ƒ…Š…—–Ǥ‡‡’–Š‡ †ƒ†‘‡••ŠƒŽŽ‘™ȋŒ—•–1Τ4̶ȌǤŠ‹•‹‹‹œ‡•–Š‡”‹• ‘ˆ•’Ž‹––‹‰–Š‡„‘š‡†•ƒ†‡Ž‹‹ƒ–‡•–Š‡‡‡† ˆ‘”‹‹–‹ƒŽ”‘—–‹‰™‹–Šƒ•–”ƒ‹‰Š–„‹–Ǥ•‡–Š‡•ƒ‡ †‘˜‡–ƒ‹Ž„‹–‹–Š‡”‘—–‡”–ƒ„Ž‡–‘†‘˜‡–ƒ‹Ž–Š‡‡†• ‘ˆ–Š‡†‹˜‹†‡”•Ǥ”‡’ƒ”‡•‘‡–‡•–’‹‡…‡•ȋ‡šƒ…–Ž›ƒ• –Š‹…ƒ•›‘—”†‹˜‹†‡”•Ȍ•‘›‘—…ƒƒ†Œ—•–„‹–Š‡‹‰Š– ƒ†ˆ‡…‡’‘•‹–‹‘—–‹Ž›‘—”ϐ‹–‹•‡šƒ…–Ž›”‹‰Š–Ǥ >ĞĂǀĞƚŽƉĂŶĚďŽƩŽŵ ůŽŶŐƵŶƟůĂŌĞƌĚƌĂǁĞƌ ďŽdžŝƐĂƐƐĞŵďůĞĚ͘ Drawer box details dKW 81Ш2" 29" 81Ш2" 51Ш2" DIVIDER Ш4 × 4 × 41Ш2" 3 4" KddKD Ш4ΗK͘͘ďƵƐŚŝŶŐ 3 Dovetail jig details 63Ш4" ^WZ 1 Ш2 × 3Ш4 × 2" 8° dovetail bit 14" Rout dovetailed dadoes with a right-angle jig.

I used biscuit joints for strength and alignment when gluing the three subassemblies together. Have fun with the hardware. You’ve got many choices when it comes to drawer pulls, pegs ĂŶĚŚŽŽŬƐ͘dŚĞƐĞůĞĐƟŽŶƐŚŽǁŶŚĞƌĞ ĐŽŵĞƐĨƌŽŵtŽŽĚĐƌĂŌĂŶĚ>ĞĞsĂůůĞLJ͘ sŝƐŝƚŽƵƌǁĞďƐŝƚĞĨŽƌĂƐŚŽƌƚ video that explains how to quickly and easily mount your completed wall organizer (and ŽƚŚĞƌƐƚƵīͿŽŶƚŚĞǁĂůů͘ Make clips from hooks. /ĨLJŽƵŚĂǀĞƚƌŽƵďůĞĮŶĚŝŶŐƉĂŶĞů ĐůŝƉƐ͕ƐŝŵƉůLJŵĂŬĞLJŽƵƌŽǁŶĨƌŽŵƐƚĞĞůƵƟůŝƚLJŚŽŽŬƐ͕ĂƐ ƐŚŽǁŶŚĞƌĞ͘&ůĞdžƚŚĞŚŽŽŬĞĚƐĞĐƟŽŶďĂĐŬĂŶĚĨŽƌƚŚƵŶƟůŝƚ ďƌĞĂŬƐŽī͘'ůƵĞĂƚŚŝŶƐƉĂĐĞƌƐƚƌŝƉƚŽƚŚĞĨƌĂŵĞďĞŶĞĂƚŚĞĂĐŚ clip if the panel extends beyond the back of the frame.

DŚĞƌŝƐĞƌ ďůŽĐŬƐƉƌŽǀŝĚĞŶĞĐĞƐƐĂƌLJĐůĞĂƌĂŶĐĞĨŽƌĐůĂŵƉƐ͘ /ĨLJŽƵĚŽŶ͛ƚŽǁŶĂ&ĞƐƚŽŽů ŽŵŝŶŽ͕LJŽƵĐĂŶƌŽƵƚƚŚĞ ŵŽƌƟƐĞƐǁŝƚŚĂƉůƵŶŐĞƌŽƵƚĞƌ͕ a 3Ш8ΗƐƉŝƌĂůďŝƚ͕ĂŶĚĂƐŝŵƉůĞ ƐŚŽƉͲŵĂĚĞũŝŐ͘&ŽƌƉůĂŶƐĂŶĚ ĐŽŵƉůĞƚĞŝŶƐƚƌƵĐƟŽŶƐ͕ŐŽƚŽ ǁŽŽĚĐƌĂŌŵĂŐĂnjŝŶĞ͘ĐŽŵ and ĐůŝĐŬŽŶƚŚĞ͞ƌƟĐůĞƐ͟ƚĂď͘ ƩĂĐŚƚŚĞďĂƐĞƚŽƚŚĞƚŽƉ͘WŽƐŝƟŽŶƚŚĞďĂƐĞĂƐƐĞŵďůLJŽŶƚŚĞ ƚŽƉĂŶĚũŽŝŶƚŚĞƚǁŽǁŝƚŚϮΗͲůŽŶŐƐƚĂŝŶůĞƐƐƐƚĞĞůƐĐƌĞǁƐ͘ 50 ǁŽŽĚĐƌĂĨƚŵĂŐĂnjŝŶĞ͘ĐŽŵ June/July 2016 Patio Chair Loose-tenon joinery is fast, strong and simple LJŚƌŝƐ^ƉŽĞƌĞƌ W hat good is a table without a matching seat or two?

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